Data can be anything used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, calculation and/or creation. As such all research projects use or interact with data.

Data can take many forms – please see here for examples.

The UNSW research data management plan (RDMP) is structured into five sections:

  • Project details
  • Data governance
  • IP and copyright
  • Data storage
  • Data organisation

You need to complete the mandatory Part I (Project Details) and Part II (Data Governance) to submit your RDMP. An RDMP ID is generated when you click Save or Submit. This ID can be found on the ResData dashboard.

For parts III to V you may need more information about the research project and the data it will collect, generate or use. The RDMP is a living document which should be reviewed periodically and updated as the project progresses and/or changes.

Entering information in as many fields as possible at the beginning of the research project will prompt you to consider aspects of how you will manage data throughout the life of the project.

You will need Also consider
  • Project title
  • Project affiliation, faculty or school
  • Project contact details
  • Project personnel
  • Project description
  • Project Field of Research subject code(s)
  • HREC or HREA Panel approval number and expiry date (if available)
  • Will any data be collected from human or animal participants?
  • Will any data relate to gene modification or ionising radiation?
  • Will any data contain personal information?
  • Will any data contain confidential information, and arrangements or conditions for confidentiality?
  • Will any data be culturally sensitive?
  • Data re-use permissions
  • Data classification level
  • Intellectual property and copyright conditions
  • Third party and pre-existing data conditions or arrangements
  • Types of data generated
  • Non-digital data information
  • Software and hardware used
  • File formats
  • Backup procedures
  • Retention periods
  • Post-project storage requirements


If you have questions or would like assistance completing an RDMP please contact your Outreach Librarian